Delhi to Hyderabad; A travelogue of 3526 kilometers

Ride Dates                               :  2nd October 2017  to 10th October 2017Distance Covered                  :  Total Distance Covered 3526 The Story - The Reason to Ride (the Event) :- This year, our Motorcycle Club's (India Bull... Continue Reading →

The first technical trouble

21st June 2012 -  Bike was running very smoothly and i was enjoying every thump of it on Delhi roads. This happened one day when i was going to visit one of my college senior after office hours. While reaching his home, on few Red-light signals i heard some strange sound (krrr....krrr...krrr) from the battery whenever... Continue Reading →

The Thunderbird Diary Begins

Background - The seed of Riding a motorcycle inside my heart was placed by Motorcycle championships and Himalayan Motor Rally shows on India's only one TV Channel then - Doordarshan, which was the only one medium to connect with the progressive world outside. The fearless Motorcycle Riders exploring the tough terrains of Himalayas and jumping on the zig-zag tracks always... Continue Reading →

Third day – religious ritual

16th June 2012 Rode 171 kilometres but as instructed by the mechanic, maintained the speed under 50 only. Had fun in each moment of riding the Thunderbird. Felt Gear slips in between and went to showroom on 15th June to get an idea and resolve it, the mechanic shared that false neutral is normal in... Continue Reading →

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